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Ely Folk School

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Healthy Through the Holidays Live Online


with Erika Barnhill

Calendar Oct 29, 2020 at 6:30 pm

Thursday, October 29, 2020
6:30 PM- 7:30 PM

Tuition: $15

For many of us, the holidays can bring up feelings of guilt associated with food. With family and friends baking lots of sugary treats, it can be hard to resist overindulging. How can we enjoy the holidays and feel good about what we're eating? This class will give you tips on how to maintain a balanced intake of food this holiday season. You'll learn about superfoods that are easily added into your favorite holiday dishes. You'll also receive some delicious and healthy recipes to try for your festive celebrations. 

About the Instructor: Erika Barnhill has a passion to share her knowledge about nutrition and good health with others. She recognizes that we live in a world where people are not experiencing the healthy vibrancy they are meant to. In fact, the opposite is true: people are often sick and over-medicated, yet still unaware how much diet and lifestyle are responsible. 

Erika says, “I worked  in a hospital setting with cardiac and pulmonary patients with many people who needed change and needed answers. A health crisis led me to learn how to take a more holistic approach to healing my own body through research, study, and prayer. I have a Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and certification as a health and wellness coach. I’m happy to say I am healthy and well today with a busy life as a wife, mother, and health coach while  homeschooling four amazing children.. Finding balance in our busy lives is so important, and it is possible to live every day to the fullest, feeling healthy and well.


Organizational Journaling for a Satisfying Retirement - Live Online


with Deb Schanilec

Calendar Nov 5, 2020 at 1 pm, runs for 3 weeks

Three Thursdays, 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm
Nov. 5th, Nov. 12th and Nov. 19th

Tuition: $30 

What's next in your life? Are you:

  • Exploring the concept of retirement and finding all the options overwhelming, especially now with COVID?
  • Pulling that retirement trigger tomorrow/next month/next year and still not sure what your day-to-day will look like?
  • Retired for a while and finished or haven’t gotten around to those projects you thought would keep you busy?

Wherever you are in the process, this Introduction to Organizational Journaling for a Satisfying Retirement class is for you!


  • Achieve a sense of direction for this major life transition
  • Enjoy improved physical health and increased longevity through beneficial activity
  • Ensure that who and what is important to you are a priority
  • Identify and phase out barriers to taking action
  • Start where you are, based on practical exercises and focused support

What students will learn:

  • 5 Ds and 1 B of retirement, and how to avoid them
  • 3 Key Aspects of a satisfying retirement
  • Specs for Satisfaction that are as individual as you are
  • Methods of staying organized using the way your brain works

About the Instructor: Deb experienced her share of life’s challenges, moving often, living overseas, parenting a special needs child, divorce, and getting laid off, and she became an expert at managing stress and creating tools and communities of support. She learned how to cope and eventually to thrive wherever she was planted.

She developed Organizational Journaling to offer techniques and practices for leading an uncluttered, focused and creative life.

Approaching retirement, she realized that the knowledge and skills she had acquired to navigate the emotional side of difficult transitions was exactly what was called for again. She now shares these techniques and practices with anyone close to or in the thick of retirement. 

Deb taught 5th to 12th grade language arts in Italy, South Carolina, Oregon and Kansas City for fifteen years, and has taught Organizational Journaling for several years at Wet Paint in St. Paul, with various organizations, and one-on-one.


Scandinavian Gluten-Free Baking: Caramel Chai Eplekake Live Online


with Rena Hartman Rothauge

Calendar Nov 7, 2020 at 3 pm

Saturday, November 7, 2020
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Tuition: $20  This class is live online.

Gluten free baking doesn’t have to be difficult! Learn to bake this beautiful apple cake inspired by Rena's Norwegian mor mor’s recipe, but with a twist—the beautiful spices of chai tea and gluten-free flours. This cake is delicious, simple, and a real treat for the holidays that you’ll want to make over and over again. You will also learn some of the secrets for transitioning your baking to gluten-free recipes. Bring your questions!

About the instructor: Rena Hartman Rothauge says, "I am a budding, self-taught chef focused on my rich Scandinavian Heritage as it translates to modern fresh dishes. I am in the process of building a growing social media following with my project Langt Nord Liv. I am a Minnesota native, a writer, and a Midwestern maximalist, obsessed with all upper Midwestern oddities. My husband and I moved here from Oregon four years ago and love the wilderness surrounding us. We have a beautiful daughter, a big Chesapeake mix, and a crazy Vizsla puppy along with too many houseplants to count.

"I’ve been teaching cooking to my stepdaughter via Zoom, coordinated teaching projects with Mesabi Symphony Orchestra, and assisted Lynn Evenson in teaching those lessons in various high school classrooms. I hold a graduate degree from New York University and am currently pursuing a certification as a health coach in integrative nutrition."


Bananas Foster Flambé: Live Online


with LynnAnne Vesper

Calendar Nov 13, 2020 at 10 am

Friday, November 13, 2020
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Tuition: $20

Add this simple and impressive dessert to your repertoire and amaze your guests at your next dinner party. Covid has put a damper on your dinner party plans, you say? At least you can have some solo or family fun at home. Bananas Foster Flambe involves caramelizing bananas by igniting a small amount of rum. Don't worry... with the guidance of our dessert expert, you won't light your whole kitchen on fire. Bananas Foster is a dessert developed over 70 years ago by a chef in New Orleans. It is a lovely party trick -- practice now for when we get to have parties again.

About the instructor: LynnAnne Vesper has guided canoe and dogsled trips in the Ely area for over 20 years. A successful wilderness trip includes delicious food! On winter camping trips especially, dessert is not optional -- it's an important part of adequate daily calorie intake. LynnAnne perfected her Bananas Foster Flambe technique in the Boundary Waters, and this class will include a discussion of variations for the wilderness setting. LynnAnne has taught a number of craft and outdoor skills classes for Ely Folk School and is praised for being a thorough and patient teacher with a great sense of humor. 

Painted Scandinavian Heart Ornaments - Live Online


with Kim Garrett

Calendar Nov 14, 2020 at 10 am

Painted Scandinavian Heart Ornaments
Saturday, November 14, 2020
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Tuition: $20

Take a break and let's paint! You will learn to paint the iconic Scandinavian heart design on a four inch wooden ornament. The class is live, so you will be able to chat with other students and asking Kim questions. We will be using acrylic paints which you will need to have on hand. This class is appropriate for all experience levels and ages.

About the Instructor: Kim Garrett has been rosemaling since 2007 and has studied with several "Gold Medal" winning American rosemalers as has traveled to Norway three times to stud traditional 18th century rosemaling design with Norwegian rosemaling instructors. She has also taken lessons in Sweden in the Swedish folkart painting style, Dalmaining. She has won several blue ribbons at the MN state fair for her rosemaling and received the Best in Show twice.

Beginning Chip Carving-Live Online


with Bart Dunning

Calendar Nov 16, 2020 at 6:30 pm, runs for 1 week

Please note that the fourth class is a two-hour class.

Monday, November 16, 2020  6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Monday, November 30, 2020  6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Friday, December 4, 2020      6:30 PM -  7:30 PM
Monday, December 7, 2020     6:30 PM -  8:30 PM

Tuition: $50

Materials: See below for materials you will need.

Chip carving is a very old craft in many cultures, but the patterns we typically see are Northern European. This is an art form that almost anyone can practice with patience and a steady hand.

Chip carving generally consists of a set of triangular cuts layed-out in regular, geometric patterns, but can be more free form, as in lettering and pictures. You will need a sharp knife, the key to safety and ease of carving. You will learn how to handle and care for the knife, how to lay out a pattern for cutting, how to make the various cuts, and how to deal with mistakes. 

If you have questions about using Zoom, email or call 218-235-0138. You will receive the Zoom invitation when you register.

  • Drafting Compass - higher quality examples:
      JARLINK - $6,
      Mr. pen - $12
      Staetdler - $27
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Various templates for arcs and triangles
  •  Chip Carving Knife - examples
       Pfeil Chip Carving Knife B - $20
       Wayne Barton Chip Carving Knife - $50.

A more expensive knife will be in a condition that is ready to use. The less expensive Pfeil knife requires some work to tune it appropriately.

Knife Sharpening supplies:

  • Extra Fine whetstone examples
      Arkansas white extra fine
      Black ultra fine stone for about $20. 
      Generally any sharpening “stone” of 3000 grit or finer for final          sharpening.
  • Final stropping and polish – firm suede leather and stropping compound (metal rouge polish) such as Beaver Craft Leather Strop and honing compound for $10, or similar.
  • Two Basswood pieces measuring 5”x5”x1/4” or similar
      Bart can supply at $2 per piece, plus shipping, if necessary.

Optional Extras:

  • Books by Wayne Barton, or other pattern guides for chip carving.
    The Complete Guide to Chip Carving by Wayne Barton - $20
  • General sharpening - 
      DMT credit card-size diamond whetstones. Set of three,
      Course/fine/extra fine grit (325/600/1200) $25.00 (Amazon,            D3EFC)

Woods used would be basswood (preferred), white pine or butternut.  Typically the thickness would be ¼ to ½ inch. Most wood will come in
¾ inch thickness or in blocks for 3-D carving. These would need to be resawn and planed to the dimensions desired. Some sources: Woodcraft and Rockler.

About the instructor: Bart Dunning has built furniture and done three dimensional and relief carving. He has been doing chip carving for 20 years.

Bart taught physiology for a number of years at several medical schools. He currently teaches skiing at Buck Hill in Burnsville and demonstrates chip carving at the Dakota City Heritage Village at the Dakota County fairgrounds and the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chaska.

Will run

Identifying Animal Tracks: Live Online


with Steve Engel

Calendar Nov 24, 2020 at 6:30 pm

Tuesday, November 24, 2020
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Tuition: $20  Materials: $5

Have you ever seen animal tracks during your outings and wondered who made them? Learn the basic steps in identifying footprints of native wildlife in this two-part class. Register by Tuesday, November 17th to receive your own lesson plan to complete before the online session on November 24th. You will need colored pencils and a ruler.

Using life-size stencils and a dichotomous key, be guided through drawing, measuring, and naming several mystery tracks. The goal is for you to be able to say whose footprint it is with confidence. Online, we will discuss the material, answer your questions, and review everything with more track identification challenges until you feel like you really get it.

Observing and studying animal tracks offers a new window into seeing nature. Tracks pose questions and searching for the answers means exploring every aspect of your local natural history. This class is focused on answering the question “who” went there. Future classes will focus on the “what, when, how, and why” of the track stories all around us.

About the instructor: Steve Engel has been studying and collecting animal tracks since 1981. In addition to dozens of workshops delivered to classrooms, conferences, and parks, he has taught animal tracking at the California Academy of Sciences, Headlands Institute, Siskyou Field Institute, Portland Audubon Society, and Lindblad Expeditions. He holds a Level III Track & Sign Certificate from Cyber Tracker North America.

 Steve has a B.S. in Natural History from Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA. He said, “I have worked as an environmental educator, field biologist, shipboard naturalist, natural history trip leader, education director, artist, and writer. There are millions of things to learn and teach, and my mission is to keep learning and keep teaching. I’ll answer direct questions, but I’d rather help others explore and discover the answers for themselves.”

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